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Smart Flower, the "sun flower" that Can Generate Electricity, Automatically Tracks 90 Degrees to Collect Solar Energy, and Meets Household Electricity


Various solar products emerge in an endless stream, but they are always used in a small range. The environmental protection effect of sand-forming towers is long.Larger applications include solar water heaters, solar roof power generation systems, and more.However, limited to the reasons for complex installation and low utilization, the application is not extensive and the effect is not great.The importance of solar energy is self-evident.A foreign team hopes to enhance the use of solar energy by households. Therefore, it has made new improvements to solar power generation systems and designed Smartflower.

Solar system

Smartflower is simple, efficient and powerful. It is an integrated Solar System. Compared with traditional rooftop power generation systems, Smartflower can greatly improve conversion efficiency and utilization, and fully meet the needs of household power supply.The traditional inverter can only convert the DC output of the solar panel into an AC output to supply power to the power supply. Smartflower uses the VICTRON top-level QUATTRO inverter, which can directly store the excess energy generated in the built-in lithium battery and use the battery for the family electrical power supply. That is, the excess electric energy converted by solar energy can be stored at the same time, and the average utilization rate of the conventional solar power generation system is increased to 60%. At the same time, the battery can be used as a backup power source. The built-in system quickly takes over the connected load in less than 20 milliseconds in the event of a grid failure, allowing the electronic device to continue to operate without interruption. Moreover, Smartflower produces 40% more electricity than traditional rooftop systems because it tracks the straight sun at an angle of 90° from morning to night, independent of changes in the angle of daylight reception, and always converts power at maximum efficiency.This is depend on Smartflower's automatic daylight tracking. Smartflower's built-in GPS control system tracks the sun from both horizontal and vertical angles, and the panels always follows the sun at 90°.

solar system

Compared to a static roof system, Smartflower is able to maintain power supply from sunrise to sunset, achieving up to 40% of electricity production. Combined with battery storage, it can not only cover daytime electricity consumption, but also effectively meet nighttime power demand through long-term accumulation during the day.At the same time, because the thermal module will lose power transmission, Smartflower sets the automatic ventilation and cooling system to dissipate the hot air generated by the working operation, prevent the module temperature from being too high, improve the transmission efficiency of 10% compared with the traditional power generation system, and enhance the safety of use and prolong the service life. The basis for various optimized conversion capabilities is that Smartflower's solar panel fan can be expanded up to 18 square meters, receiving large-area light sources and converting them.

solar system

Depending on the location, an average of about 6,200 kWh of electricity per year can be used to fully meet the average electricity consumption of a Hawaiian family for one year, which is basically enough for everyday use. Smartflower automatically unfolds the solar panel with the sunrise, automatically fold the protection at night, and at the same time helps to remove dust, snow, etc. by folding and unfolding its own fan, maintaining the panel function and maintaining the conversion ability. Smartflower also has self-protection capabilities. During operation, the built-in sensor continuously monitors the wind speed. Above 34 mph wind speed, the fan surface is automatically folded to a safe position to avoid damage; if the wind speed is further increased to 39 mph, it is completely folded, and when the wind is detected to decrease, it is again deployed back to work.

solar system

Another major advantage over traditional rooftop power generation systems is that they are easy to install. There is no need to have a professional installation on the roof, just by attaching the base anchor to the floor.Thus, with the nature that the fan can be folded, the Smartflower is very portable, and can be moved away even if moving, without complicated installation and disassembly. By this nature, the team also put forward other ideas for the application of Smartflower, such as the provisional outdoor power generation needs as an outdoor temporary power plant when needed. At the same time, compared to other generators, such as diesel generators, it does not generate excessive noise, harmful smoke, and does not need to continuously purchase and transport diesel, but 100% clean and environmentally friendly power supply. It can even extend its use to commercial or utility potential as a source of electric bicycles and automotive power.

solar system

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